Daging Goreng

Easy Cooking Recipes


500 gms Beef

2 slices Ginger

5 cloves Gariic

2 tbs Tamarind Juice 1 tsp Lime Juice

50 gms Chime Powder

Oil for deep-frying Salt to taste


1. Cut beef into slices. All the ingredients should be Finely ground into a paste. Boil the beef with the ground ingredients in a cup of water until the liquid is totally absorbed. Tenderize (flatten) the beef. Heat

the oil and deep fry the beef slices until crisp and brown.

2. You can even boil the beef with vinegar and salt. Slice and tenderize (flatten). Rub the finely ground ingredients, marinade for an hour and deep fry in hot oil. Garnish with onion sambol, made with onion rings, green chillies, lime and salt to taste. It could be served with lettuce leaves and tomato slices.

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