Nasi Goreng

Easy Cooking Recipes


500 gms Cooked Rice

200 gms Cooked Chicken or Beef

200 gms Prawns

2 tbs Ghee or Margarine

2 tbs Soya Sauce

4 cloves Garlic

1/2 tsp Blachang or dried shrimps paste

2-3 * Eggs

5 tbs Stock

50 gms Red Onions

50 gms Spring Onions

Oil for frying

Pepper 8: Salt to taste


Sheil the boiled prawns. Cut the meat into thin strips Chop the onions roughly and blend to a paste with garlic and dried shnmp paste, dissolved m a little hot water. Heat the ghee or margarine, fry the blended ingredients until light brown, add the boiled prawns, meat and stir~fry mix all ingredients with the cooled rice.

Finally add soya sauce, pepper and spring on‘ ions. Mix we I until the rice is very hot.

Garnish ‘Stn’ps of omelet, fried onion rings, sliced red chillies & fried Cashew nuts.

Knorr Chef’s tip the ingredients highlighted can be replaced with 2 sachets of Knorr Nasr Goreng mix for the given quantity.

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