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1 kg Beef

250 gms Bombay Onions 50 gms ChiIIie Powder 2 tbs Vinegar

1 tbs Tamarind Juice 1 tbs Garlic

1 tbs Ginger

2 tbs Soya Sauce

1 tbs Curry Powder 1 Cup Coconut milk

2 inch piece Rampe

2 tsp Sugar

A few sprigs Curry Leaves Stem of Lemon Grass

Salt of taste 1 Kafir leaf finely Chopped if available


Cut beef into strips or slices put into pan with

1 cup of water. Add all the ingredients from above except the Soya sauce, tamarind juice, sugar and coconut milk. Bring to a boil: let

it cook stirring occasionally. When beef is tender add the salt, tamarind and sugar, mix well. Lastly add 1 cup of coconut milk and let it simmer on a low lire till the curry is very dry. Add Kalir leaf if you wish.

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